Great Outback BBQ

Lane Cove Uniting Church
Lane Cove
At your place
Sunday 26th September 2021

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Donation Goal

$850 / $500
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Event Created


Stay tuned! Updates on the event comming soon..

This year we welcome you to the Locked Down fundraising BBQ


Where: at your place.
When: sometime between Sunday 26th September
and Sunday 10th October
• Fire up your own BBQ or prepare some other special meal to enjoy within your household and the limits of COVID restrictions.
• Take a picture of your ‘event’, the meal, selfies or something else we can add to a slideshow to share with our Church Community via Highlights Online and send it to the Church Office by 12th October.
• Please make donations via the Lane Cove Uniting Church page to help our Aussie Farmers in the Outback.
• If you make a donation, you will be eligible for a sweet treat, delivered to your doorstep (as long as you live within 5km of Lane Cove Uniting Church and provide the Church with your address!)

Changed rules mean opportunities to gather with friends



Don’t miss the chance to join in some fun during lockdown to support our outback farmers and others in the bush via the work of Frontier Services.

The invitation below has further details.

As restrictions have eased slightly you may have the opportunity to gather with others, though not yet “at your place”.
If you meet in a park, you could have a BBQ with up to 5 fully vaccinated adults present.
You could even simplify and make it a picnic in a park.
Perhaps you could join with a friend or two from church who you have not been able to see over the last few months?

The date range for your BBQ now extends to 10th October so there is plenty of time to plan something. Just keep your eye on the current restrictions to ensure it is within the rules.

And remember the saying : “Blessed are the flexible, because they will not be bent out of shape!” . COVID can interfere with plans, so be adventurous in the way you hold your event..

Please check the invitation again, and consider what you might do to have some fun and support this worthy cause.
As an incentive there are sweet treats for those who donate and while we can’t have “lucky door” prizes this year, the various BBQ equipment provided by Frontier Services will be given as prizes, based on the best photos or ideas notified to the Church Office.

Preparing for the Event


Test running the Chiminea BBQ